Ballet consists of stylized and managed moves and positions, the base of all varieties of dance, which develops overall flexibility and strength. Ballet is helpful for all ages and is a secure structure for exercising and constructing stability and strength. We strongly motivate all our dancers enrolled at AE Dance Productions to learn about ballet since it is the foundation for all dance styles.



Jazz is a combination of a variety of styles of dance: ballet, African dance, Musical Theater, Modern, and social dances. Jazz dance has a firm technique and strength base, allowing for individualized movement. Jazz is a great form of dance for any age, developing strength and flexibility. Students of jazz are strongly encouraged to study ballet simultaneously for the best possible jazz dance experience.



Hip-Hop is a fast-paced and exciting class that introduces students to intricate popular movements to hip-hop beats and lyrics. The class may include breaking, popping, and locking. Hip-Hop is a great aerobic workout that develops strength and flexibility. Hip-Hop is constantly changing, and new styles are regularly incorporated into classes.



Lyrical is an adaptation of ballet, modern and jazz expressing feeling with a focus on bodylines, balance, and sustained extensions. Higher-level class will include more contemporary skills and floor work. Students of lyrical are strongly encouraged to study ballet and Jazz simultaneously for the best possible lyrical dance experience.



Tap dancing combines dance traditions from Europe and Africa. It is a dance of strong rhythms and relies almost totally on footwork. The feet become musical instruments marking out complex rhythms with the heel and the toe. In This class the student will develop a strong sense of music, timing and discipline.



Acrobatic movements are combined with dance steps as students learn the fundamentals of movement and timing with tumbling. This class focuses on floor gymnastic tricks, flexibility and upper-body strength. The classes will include forward rolls, cartwheels, and advances to aerials and back tucks. These skills transfer easily to such activities as cheerleading and gymnastics