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All Voltage dancers are expected to attend their required classes as a part of their commitment to Voltage teammates, themselves, and their teachers. Class Absences We understand that from time-to-time dancers will miss class due to school events, family commitments, illness, vacations, or to regroup for a day and rest. Because of this, all dancers are given a set number of Excused Absences on a monthly basis. • Excused absences are classes that are missed but do not need to be made up by the dancer. All additional absences must be made up. • Excused absences are the equivalent of one class (regardless of the class length) and are set by level due to the number of requirements each level has.

Please see below:

Pre: Three excused absences from weekly classes per month.

Mini: Four excused absences from weekly classes per month.

Junior: Five excused absences from weekly classes. (Four in the month of December) Teen/Senior: Six excused absences from weekly classes. (Four in the month of December)

Hip Hop/Tap Only: Case by case basis Dancers that miss more than their given excused absences must make-up the classes missed.

• If your dancer is 15 minutes late to a 60-min class or 10 minutes late to a 30 or 45-min class, they will be marked absent.

• There is only one excused absence in any style of dance allowed per month. If more than one class is missed in that genre, it must be made up. (i.e., if your dancer misses two ballet classes in a month, they have to make up one ballet class regardless if they are under their “excused absences allowed” for the month.)

Voltage Rehearsal Absences

• All Voltage students are allowed 6 excused absences per Voltage group routine they are in per season. These may be used for weekly rehearsals but cannot be used during mandatory Saturday rehearsals in the month of January or Nationals Rehearsals.

• Voltage dancers cannot miss their Voltage rehearsal the week of a required competition.

• All Saturday rehearsals are mandatory the month of January. All Nationals rehearsals are mandatory in the months of June/July. Make-Up Class Cards

• If your dancer misses above their allotted excused absences, they must make-up their classes

• All unexcused absences must be made up within 30 days from the end of the month.

• Class Make-Up Class Cards will be available at the front desk for dancers to pick up. When a student attends a class as a “make-up”, they must have the teacher of the class sign the Make-Up Class Card to receive credit. If a dancer is using their regular required class as a “make up class” they are not allowed to have their Class Card signed in addition to their Class Make Up Card.

• When the dancer has completed their “Make-Up Class Card” they will turn it into the front desk.

• If a dancer knows they are going to be absent (vacation, school events, etc.) and want to do makeup classes ahead of time, they can do so within 30 days prior to missing. A blank makeup class card will be available at the front desk for them to pick up.

• If a dancer does not make up their classes within the 30 days allotted, the dancer may be put on probation from their Voltage routines and may not be allowed to compete until their classes are made up. Attendance Notes

• We understand some students may need additional time to make-up an excessive number of absences due to illness, etc. In those circumstance, they will be handled on a case-by-case basis by Ms. Annalise. We will not allow sick students in class. There will be “at home” make up options available on a case-by-case basis.

• Dancers that opt to attend additional conventions or dance related events may request to use convention classes or out of state class as a makeup for classes missed at Surge. Not all requests will be approved pending the student’s overall attendance, class behavior, age/level, etc

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